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社群成员六月11日于伦敦聚首,结识新朋友之余也享用美食。 (上图左)


城市社群活动,在这里追踪 (北京、上海、香港、台北),已公布的资讯:

EAHK July 2019 Meetup
七月19日(五) 19:45-21:45,以英文进行
地点: Shop 1A, 1 Electric Street, Hong Kong (Admiralty Exit F Three Pacific Place, then up the slope from Lamborghini showroom)

七月20日 (六) 14:00-16:00,以英文进行
地点:东城区海运仓胡同 (详细地点加微信后告知:Aliciahuangty531)
讨论主题:人工智能伦理原则最新进展 (阅读材料)


长远议题智库推行天下学者计划 (报名日期为即日起至七月30日),支持入选学者参与墨者秋季峰会和伦敦有效利他全球峰会,访问位于伦敦与牛津的相关学术和慈善组织 (如:Future of Humanity InstituteGlobal Priorities Institute),与其研究员和专业人才交流学习。本计划旨在通过国际协作来培育具备大局思考与行动能力的人才,一同为改善全球迫切议题来努力。

第十一届国际青年能源与气候变化峰会将于七月19-22日在深圳举行。除了逾六十位来自国内外政府、企业、高校、和媒体等领域的人士,峰会也邀请了谢旻希主持一场职涯规划工作坊,以及有效利他社群里的黄有光教授、Jeff SeboJohn Halstead担任峰会讲者。(报名已截止)

黄有光教授也将于七月20日在深圳大学图书馆进行演讲,有兴趣参与者请联系 aliciahuangty@gmail.com。


八月有数场人工智能相关会议,10-16日The International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence将于澳门举行,适合学术界人士参与,11-12日期间有个人工智能安全工作坊;23-25日图像,视频处理与人工智能国际会议将于上海登场;29-31日世界人工智能大会也会在上海亮相。


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* The Tianxia Fellowship is accepting applications - don’t miss out!

Community Updates

The EA Global San Francisco conference (EAG SF) took place from June 21st-23rd. While many of the topics discussed were of interest, the most the relevant topics for the Chinese EA community involved “improving coordination with China to reduce AI risks” and “direct and indirect risks from great power competition.” Once publically released, the video recordings of these discussions will be included within our upcoming newsletter.

Leveraging EAG SF, the community team organized a side event on the 21st where Alicia Huang talked about the current direction of the Chinese community, and Brian Tse portrayed the top 10 high impact roles from his latest thinking on the topic of the China specialist career path.

Community members met Londoners while enjoying trendy vegan food! (Top picture)

Community Engagement

You can find information on city (Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Taipei) chapter events in this document. Here are those which have been planned:

【Hong Kong】Meetup
EAHK July 2019 Meetup
July 19th (Friday) 19:45-21:45, conducted in English
Location: Glue, Shop 1A, 1 Electric Street, Hong Kong (Admiralty Exit F Three Pacific Place, then up the slope from Lamborghini showroom)

July 20th (Saturday) 14:00, conducted in English
Location: Haiyuncang Hutong, Dongcheng (add Aliciahuangty531 on Wechat for further details)
Discussion topic (informal): Recent release of AI ethics principles (readings - 1, 2, and 3if you want to come prepared)

Recommended Conferences

The Center for Long Term Priorities began accepting applications for its Tianxia Fellowship Program (application submissions will close on July 30th). Fellows will get to participant in the Mohist Autumn Summit and the EA Global London conference, and engage deeply with researchers and staff from academic institutes and charities in London and Oxford, e.g. the Future of Humanity Institute and the Global Priorities Institute. The program aims at cultivating big-picture thinking and capacity among fellows for tackling the world’s most pressing causes.

The International Youth Summit on Energy and Climate Change will have its 11th event on July 19th - 22nd in Shenzhen. The Summit has invited more than 60 people from local and foreign governments, corporations, universities, and media. Brian Tse will lead a career planning workshop, and Yew-Kwang Ng, Jeff Sebo, and John Halsteadwill be speaking. (Application submissions already closed )

Professor Yew-Kwang Ng will have a talk held in the library of the Shenzhen University on July 20th. Email directly back to this newsletter if you would like to attend.

The annual Good Food Summit will take place on August 15th - 17th in Suzhou. The Summit addresses an array of issues from health, environment to animal welfare, starting with food.

There are several AI-related conferences scheduled in August: The International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence on the 10th -16th in Macao. This is a fairly academic conference, with an AI safety workshop taking place on the 11th-12th. The International Conference on Image, Video Processing, and Artificial Intelligence in Shanghai will take place from the 23rd-25th. The World AI Conference in Shanghai is scheduled for the 29th-31st.

The 2019 World Conference on Farm Animal Welfare will be held on September 19-20 in Qingdao (Tsingtao). (Information should be public soon)

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