Hi, we’re glad that you’re reading this - it means that you’re one step closer to connecting with the Chinese EA community!

Here are the Chinese EA community resources we’d like to share with you (general community resources can be found here):

  • Bilingual Chinese EA Newsletter

    We (the Chinese EA community team) rely largely on the monthly newsletters for sharing information, so you're strongly recommended to subscribe to it (you can also subscribe by indicating this in the form below).

  • 80,000 Hours China Specialist Career Guide & Coaching

    Listed as the top 10 highest impact career paths by 80,000 Hours, “China Specialist” is an option you wouldn’t want to miss out considering pursuing. Read the guide and apply for career coaching.

  • A call with the Community Manager

If you’d like to chat with Alicia, indicate this in the below form, or find her at aliciahuangty@gmail.com

  • Local Chapter Activities

Here's where we update event information for the key chapters in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Taipei. (Keep up the great work, chapter teams!)

  • Wechat Groups

If you use Wechat, we have several groups there for connecting community members in mainland China. Add Alicia first (Aliciahuangty531) and she'll introduce you to these groups (or indicate this in the form below).

  • Facebook Presence

    The Hong Kong chapter and the Taipei chapter use Facebook for organising events: Hong Kong page, Hong Kong group, Taipei page, Taipei group.

  • China Specialist Sponsorship for attending EA Global conferences

    There is financial support for promising community members to attend EAG conferences in San Francisco and London.

Fill out the form below so we can onboard you with information, opportunities, and friendship. The form also serves as a survey, so it’s a bit long. Feel free to skip questions that you don’t feel comfortable answering, but we appreciate if you fill in as many as you can. Thanks!

*Form Instructions:

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